Site Updates

Afternoon everyone! I've been a little bit busy this morning. I spent the majority of my morning crocheting a hat to put up for sale in my Etsy shop while I watched some of Hitchcock's earlier works (his silent films are pretty good and I highly recommend them). It didn't take me too long to … Continue reading Site Updates


Writing in Bed

My goodness, I'm tired. I've been pretty quiet just about everywhere lately, and in case you don't follow me on Instagram, my sister got married last weekend. I've been able to get some writing done in the last month, but not much. Between "fun" work stuff, her wedding, and my general intense hatred for the … Continue reading Writing in Bed

Goodreads Group

Yesterday I mentioned in my post about how I was thinking about starting some sort of group on Goodreads. I had a hard time deciding if I just wanted to do another book club, or if I wanted to start another group for authors in need. I went with the latter, though adding a book … Continue reading Goodreads Group

What I’ve Been Working On

It's been a long time since I've last posted. And I've done a few things since then. Patreon I joined Patreon in the beginning of the year. In case you haven't heard about it, Patreon is a site where creators can get [monetary] support from their friends. Most creators have different reward levels available for … Continue reading What I’ve Been Working On

The Call

Happy Halloween everyone!! The Call She walked through the dark forest. Her limbs were shaking, not from fear, but from excitement. She had been fast asleep when she heard The Call. Though the stories scared everyone else, she always found them fascinating. Instead of cowering, like she knew she should have, she decided to follow. … Continue reading The Call

Lessons I’ve Forgotten (and You Probably Have Too)-Part 2

Do you remember the first time you read that book? You know which one. The one that made you laugh when a joke was told. The one that made you cry, either when the hero won, or when the hero lost something dear. The one that, for a small amount of time, made you forget … Continue reading Lessons I’ve Forgotten (and You Probably Have Too)-Part 2

Lessons I’ve Forgotten (and You Probably Have Too)-Part 1

I read to my daughter every night. I've done this since she was a baby. It was really awkward at first and I would read as quietly as I could. For whatever reason, I thought I would be laughed at. I eventually got over this. I am decently selective in what I will read. I … Continue reading Lessons I’ve Forgotten (and You Probably Have Too)-Part 1

No Monster Monday Today

I was extrmely busy this past week so there won't be a Monster Monday this week. I have a fun post for tomorrow though, so make sure you come back!

Quarterly Goals for the Fourth Quarter

I didn't post a story about sirens. I sat down to write something, and couldn't think of any plot lines that I liked. So no siren story. That's okay though. October is here! Which means we're in a new quarter for the year. Woo! My third quarter goals: Finish rough draft...... nope. I think I … Continue reading Quarterly Goals for the Fourth Quarter

Monster Monday – Qalupalik

Qalupalik Origin: Inuit Appearance: The Qalupalik is described as being human-like with green skin, ling hair, and long claw-like fingernails. Qalupalik wears an amautit and lives under the icy waters. This monster is the type parents use to keep their children from wandering. It's similar to stranger danger, if you think about it. The Qalupalik … Continue reading Monster Monday – Qalupalik