Hi! And welcome to my blog! My name is Krysteen Damon. I’m currently in my twenties and I live in Washington State. I’m originally from New York, spent most of my life there, and I miss it a lot. I have a daughter, a toddler daughter, and my life is a mess (literally and figuratively).

I used to think I started writing while I was in middle school, starting off with a novel series titled The Firestone. But recently, I was going through my old elementary things my mom has saved all these years, and I found a small story that I had written about me and my sister, we got lost in the woods in the story. It was really cute.

Now, I write horror stories. Despite the fact that I scare easily, I can think of things that actually make me question whether or not it would be appropriate or tame enough to add to my novels. I have seen some horror/thriller movies, and I generally enjoyed them, but for most of the ones I have seen, I watched through my fingers. I’ve only read two horror books, one Dean Koontz the other Anne Rice, and I really enjoyed them. I chose horror because I found it fairly ‘easy’ to write about things that make your neck shudder and I really like it.



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