Quarterly Goals for the Fourth Quarter

I didn’t post a story about sirens. I sat down to write something, and couldn’t think of any plot lines that I liked. So no siren story. That’s okay though. October is here! Which means we’re in a new quarter for the year. Woo!

My third quarter goals:

  • Finish rough draft…… nope. I think I can safely leave this at that and just hang my head in shame.
  • Join a writing community. I technically did this, but I never get on. I don’t know if a writing community itself is the right fit for me due to time alone, but I did make a new writer buddy (hi Valarie!) so I’m counting this as a win. Yay!
  • Join Patreon. I joined, but I haven’t launched anything. I am having such a hard time filling out the stuff. And they encourage videos. Cue the anxiety. I will eventually do this…. when I figure out how to talk about myself without feeling like I sound arrogant.
  • Find an editor. Still haven’t done this. And it’s not going to be on my list for this quarter either. Maybe I’ll look while I’m in the beta reader phase.
  • Create a book club on Goodreads. Didn’t do this either. I’m not so sure I will either. At least not yet.

My goals for this quarter:

  • Finish rough draft. Because of the holidays (and my track record), I’m not positive I’ll be able to do this. This quarter is going to be hectic.
  • Send stuff to my critique partner. Heyyy buddyyyy! :}
  • Finish Patreon. Going to have to just do this. Maybe I’ll work on it when I’m done with this. 

That’s it. I’m going to be too busy with the holidays to do more than that. I have crochet projects planned for Christmas presents so I’m probably already overloaded. Ha!

I’ll blog you next time!


4 thoughts on “Quarterly Goals for the Fourth Quarter

  1. *waves* hello! I have been thinking about quarterly goals, I haven’t done them before. Guess this would be a good time to lay some down if I’m going to. 😉

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