Monster Monday – Qalupalik


Origin: Inuit

Appearance: The Qalupalik is described as being human-like with green skin, ling hair, and long claw-like fingernails. Qalupalik wears an amautit and lives under the icy waters.

This monster is the type parents use to keep their children from wandering. It’s similar to stranger danger, if you think about it. The Qalupalik hums as disobedient children near their hideout to lure them in. Once they are within reach, it lunges out of the water, grabs the child, throws them in the amautit, and brings them back to their water dwelling. I didn’t find anything that stated that they ate the children, but I did find a source that said the children were kept asleep and the Qalupalik used their youth to stay young itself.

There really isn’t a whole lot on this monster in general, not even in books and television. But the information that is on it is enough to create a slew of fun stories to scare the pants off of someone.

Want to see a certain monster featured in my Monster Monday? Or want to see a flash fiction piece done on one? Just let me know in the comments!



Evil Inuit Mermaid – Qalupalik



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