Bugs – Chapter One

I have a treat for you today! Today, I present the very first chapter on the book I am currently working on, Bugs. Please remember, because I am still working on the book, the final copy of this chapter will most likely be different, but I am confident it will mostly remain the same. Plus, I edited it myself, and it’s been nine years since I took an English class so I’m positive there are mistakes in here.




The History

Lily sat on a bench on the other side of the road, ogling him from a safe distance. She ran her fingers through her honey blonde hair, feeling nervous that he would look up and over at her. Her heart continued in a steady pattern of quick heartbeats. She had sat at the bus stop every day for four months now, waiting for her bus home from her job. And every school day for the past four months, she watched his movements from the school to his car. She watched the elites of the school flood him as he carried his football gear over his shoulder. Everything he did came with a smoldering grin on his face. He was the most handsome boy she had ever seen in her life.

She was chewing on her fingernails when he looked up at her. Their eyes connected for a brief moment before she looked down at her backpack between her legs. Her heart dropped in despair as her eyes fell on her grease stains on her work pants. Tears began to prick her eyes as she continued to avoid his fleeting attention. She would never get a guy like him if his first impression was her in her fast food uniform. Though,to be honest, her every day clothes weren’t much better.

Lily looked back up to where he had been, and saw with a further fall of her heart that he was no longer there. She slumped on the bench and was about to give in to tears when she saw his black Mercedes pull up to the curb in front of her. His window rolled down and revealed his perfect face, a smile stretched from ear to ear.

“Hey. Do you need a ride anywhere?” Lily felt her stomach flip and flutter as he addressed her.

“No, thank you. I think I’ll be okay.” Her cheeks blushed from his attention.

“I insist. You’re always alone here, waiting for a bus I assume. Come on, hop in the passenger seat.” He winked at her, his smile growing ever larger. Her stomach flopped again as she hopped up from her spot and tried not to run to the passenger door. She gripped the handle and plunged herself inside. She buckled up as he pulled away from the curb, trying to avoid his gaze, her cheeks still a deep crimson.

“So, where do you need to go?” He asked her, looking more at her than the road.

“You can just drop me off at the Shell station.” She replied, still not looking at him.

“At a gas station? You don’t want me to take you home?” He veered into the far left lane and turned his blinker on, coming to a halt at the red light.

“No, the gas station is fine.”

“Okay, then.” They fell into a mutual silence as he headed towards the gas station three blocks down. Lily kept her eyes forward, but her mind was still on him. He looked even more perfect up close, and that made her timid, too nervous to look at him.

As the car pulled into the parking space in front of the doors, Lily prepared herself to bolt. She was afraid he would have too much of a chance to take in her cheap and dirty appearance. He put it in park and spoke before she could open the door to blissful freedom.

“You know, the bus doesn’t stop here. And you could have walked here from the bus stop. Where were you going to go?” He turned in his seat to take a good look at her, one eyebrow expertly arched. He had to have known that his tight designer button down was taut in all the right places on his toned chest. She forced herself to look at his face and tried to sound convincing, but was taken aback by the muscles bulging through his shirt.

“Oh, nowhere important. I hadn’t exactly decided yet.” She tried to sound calm and cool, but feared she failed miserably. He sat there for a moment, chewing on his lip as he thought.

“I’m Ryan, by the way.” He finally said, holding out his hand for her to shake. Feeling unsure, she reached hers out and shook his hand.

“My name is Lillian, but everyone calls me Lily,” His smile returned to his face.

“That’s a lovely name. And fitting, too, considering you’re as pretty as one.” She blushed again at his charming words. “Do you want to go to a party with me, Lily?” She hesitated at his question.

“I don’t know if I should.”

“Why? Will your parents get mad?” Lily looked down at his words and began to examine her fingers.

“My parents are dead. I live with my Aunt and Uncle.” He nodded in response as a new heavy silence fell on them.

“So, would they get mad if you stay out late and have some fun with me?” Lily looked up as his words penetrated her mind.

“No,” she drew the word out as she evaluated, “I guess not.”

“Do you want to go to a party with me?” He repeated his question when she failed to give a definitive answer. “It’s Friday night. No school tomorrow so we can stay out as late as we want.” Lily looked at him, excitement replacing the nervousness in her stomach. She had never been invited to a party before. She knew she shouldn’t, she would most likely get in trouble. But her Aunt hated having her around her perfect children and her Uncle didn’t even seem to know that she still lived there.

“Okay. I’ll go. But I need to change my clothes first.” She grinned as he broke out another one of his dazzling smiles.

“Fabulous.” He turned forward facing again and reached to pull the car back in drive.

“Where do you live?”

“Actually, I have some clothes with me. I’ll just run inside here real quick and change in the bathroom.” She looped her arm through one of the straps on her backpack and reached for the door handle once more.

“Even more fabulous.” Ryan put the car back in park and turned the engine off. Lily climbed out of the car and turned her head when she heard Ryan do the same. She looked at him questioningly, wondering in her head what he was doing. “I’m just going to get us some drinks. Do you like Coke?”

“I don’t need anything. Thank you though.” She replied, feeling awkward about him buying her things. She rushed in the building, Ryan not far behind her, and headed straight for the bathroom. She dressed in the dingy coldness, trying her best not to let her clean old clothes touch the dirty floor.

Lily walked back into the main part of the store and looked around for Ryan. Her heart began to hammer when she didn’t see him anywhere. She walked out the door, the bell jingling as it moved, and looked to where he had parked. Her heart fell into the acid abyss of her stomach and her eyes began to fill when she saw that the only thing in the spot was an oil stain. She turned away from the spot, hiked her bag on her shoulders, and began to walk to her home.

A sudden car honk brought her to an abrupt stop and she spun around in the direction it came from. She smiled when she saw that he had pulled up to a pump and was standing next to the hose sticking out of the back of his car. She rushed over to where he was, both of their faces displaying large grins.

“Didn’t think I left, did you?” He asked her, his smile never leaving his face. Lily didn’t immediately respond. Instead, her eyes took in the sight of him leaning against his sleek car, his arms crossed in front of his chest. His muscles bulged even more through his tight shirt as the soft wind blew his hair. She swallowed the saliva that had gathered in her mouth and forced her eyes to meet his.

“Of course I didn’t.” She tried her best to appear as if his absence hadn’t caused any due stress. They stared at each other as the pump continued to eat away his dollars. The handle clicked and the pump stilled. Ryan pushed himself off away from his car and pulled the nozzle out before recapping his tank. Lily walked around to the other side and dropped back in the front seat. Ryan slid into his seat as she closed her door and eyed her backpack on her lap. Without saying a word, he reached over, plucked it from her legs, and tossed it in the back.

“That’s better, right?” She laughed at him, but her eyes followed her bag all the way back. She was still eyeing her bag, wishing it was back on her lap, when she heard a click followed by a hiss. She turned back around and found an opened Coke held out to her. All at once, she felt like she hadn’t had anything to drink in days. Without a second thought, she accepted the drink and began to down it. Ryan smiled at her compliance as he fiddled with some garbage in the front pocket of his jeans. He watched her as she chugged half the bottle down before pausing to take a breath. Laughing, he strapped his seat belt on and ignited the quiet engine.

Ryan pulled away from the pump, turning right out of the exit, and headed for the highway. They talked the entire way. Ryan led most of the conversation and locked his eyes with her more often than he kept them on the road. Lily grasped just enough of what he was saying to keep up, but was more distracted by his appearance. She could feel her heart falling for him. She soon began to feel drowsy and it wasn’t long before she lost the ability to focus on the conversation she was able to understand before. Ryan looked over at her when she didn’t answer his question and saw that she was slumped in her sleep with her forehead pressed to the window.

“Are you alright? Do I need to pull over for you?” He asked her, a look of concern on his face.

“No, I think I’ll be alright. I’m just tired all a sudden. And my head feels a little fuzzy. I must have stayed up too late last night.” She slurred. Closing her eyes, she didn’t see the faint smile of triumph on Ryan’s face. She had no idea that he was taking her far away from the life she knew.

When Lily woke up again, she realized two things in an instant. One, that they were somewhere she had never been before. They were parked in front of a large house with an expansive lawn all around it. If being somewhere new wasn’t confusing enough, the scenery was even worse. They were definitely not in the city anymore and no matter where she looked, she only saw trees. The second thing she realized was that it was now dark. This confused her even more. They had left the gas station no later than five in the afternoon, and now it appeared almost midnight. She sat up in her seat, an odd staleness on her tongue, and rubbed her messed up hair with one of her hands. She was looking at the house when Ryan’s voice came from the driver’s seat, making her jump out of her skin.

“Good morning, sleepy head. Did you sleep well?” He laughed, his hands still on the ignition key he had just turned off. Lily looked around to him and her brain became foggier, a headache formed from trying to think too fast.

“I guess. How long was I out?” A note of panic escaped her lips as she spoke, causing a hint of a blush to creep on her cheeks.

“About six hours. You didn’t miss much. I was only driving us here.” He told her, shrugging his shoulders as if this was a normal occurrence in his daily life.

“Where is here?” Again, she looked at the house.

“This is my buddy Tony’s house. He’s having a party while his folks are out of town. Although that part doesn’t matter much, they let him throw parties when they are home. It just comforts other people when they’re not here.” He opened up his door, letting in a blast of cold night air, chilling Lily to her bones. She instinctively folded her arms around herself and slumped back in her seat to escape the chill. Ryan leaned back down to look in the car, smiling his most charming smile at her.

“Are you coming silly? Or did you come all this way to fall back asleep?” He laughed and closed the door on her, cutting off the howling wind. Determined to not appear like a child, she opened up her door, bracing herself for the second cold blast. She grabbed her coke, jumped out, and sprinted over to him at the top of the porch steps. He laughed at her and wrapped his arm around her shoulders as she took a large swig of her drink. Without bothering to knock, Ryan opened the door and ushered her in the large entryway. She was engulfed in the welcomed warmth as he shut the door. A teenage boy emerged from another room where loud laughter and music was coming from.

“Hey, man! You made it!” The boy walked over and slapped Ryan’s back before looking at Lily.

“Lily, this is Tony. Tony, this is Lily.”

“I’m charmed to meet you, Lily. Welcome to my humble abode.” With a flourish, Tony swept into a bow and kissed the top of her extended hand. She giggled at his behavior and immediately felt welcomed.

“Are you two thirsty? We have beer and some hard liquor.” Tony asked, straightening back up.

“We’re fine. We both had some coke on the way here.” Tony nodded in understanding as another teenage boy came down the stairs.

“Hey! About time asshole.” He too slapped Ryan on the back as a way of greeting.

“Erick, Lily. Lily, Erick.” Lily smiled at him, barely suppressing a giggle.

“Before I forget, Ryan. There’s something I wanted to show to you upstairs.” Tony remembered as he headed to the second floor. Ryan looked down at Lily, his arm wrapped once more around her shoulders.

“Let’s follow him. I’m sure it’s something good.” Lily nodded, a giggle escaping her lips. Her brain felt fuzzy again, but this time she couldn’t help but find everything funny. She allowed him to steer her up the steps and down the dark hallway to a large bedroom off to the side. Erick followed close behind them and shut the door, cutting off the only light source to the hallway. It took her drowsy eyes a moment to adjust to the sudden light change. A lamp near the bed provided the light in the room, not quite reaching all corners of the dark blue walls. Lily looked around her in a haze, her head spinning circles now. She stumbled over to the bed and sat down, holding her head in both hands, trying to steady her spinning world. She looked at Ryan’s face as he bent over in front of her. A look of concern was on his face as his lips formed words that she could no longer hear. With one final spin, she blacked out and fell back on the bed.

Ryan heard his two buddies laughing behind him as he studied her. She wasn’t any prettier than the girls at his school, but she had something about her that made her stand out. Her body was slender but toned and her blonde hair fell in beautiful natural curls around her pretty face. Her green eyes had been what stood out the most for him. They were the color of the greenest grass on an Irish hill in the springtime. They were the green of emeralds. A green he wanted all for himself.

“Hey, are we going to do this or what?” He heard Tony ask him. He didn’t turn around immediately, still staring at her body splayed on the bed. He looked at Erick holding a lighter under a metal spoon and Tony tightening a rubber tube around his upper arm. Ryan gazed back at Lily, still passed out, and finally answered Tony’s question.

“Yeah. We’re still doing this. Pass me a tube.” He held out his hand behind him and felt someone place it in his grip.

“Is she a virgin?” Erick asked.

“Most likely.” Ryan tied the tube on her left arm, not caring how rough he was. “Definitely not a druggie. I don’t think she even drinks. She has no problem taking off with strangers though.” The boys snickered. “Tonight will change all that though.” A smile crept on his face. His handsome features darkened, as he turned completely around to face his buddies.

“Pass the needle. And tonight, I’m first.” Erick complied with his request, his empty needle still in his hand. Ryan turned back around, his left hand fiddling with the button on his pants as he climbed on the bed. Ominous muffled noises filled the house, replacing all laughter. The house stood dark and still as the tape of party noises continued to play in the empty living room down the stairs and across the hall.


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