Ryan’s Character Bio

I have a secret. I must admit, I love writing Ryan’s character. I mean, he’s a dick, but the dicks are so much more entertaining to write…..and then (usually) kill. I’m not saying that he dies though. You’ll just have to find that out for yourselves.


NAME: Fitzwilliam Ryan Vanderbilt II


DATE OF BIRTH: August 1, 1992 (19 at death)

DATE OF DEATH: July 20, 2011


PLACE OF BIRTH: Northern Westchester Hospital Mt Kisco, NY


RESIDENCE (PAST AND PRESENT): Chappaqua, NY (while alive), Newark Valley, NY (while dead)

GENERAL APPEARANCE: He’s sexy. Chiseled jaw. High cheekbones. Pink lips that are the perfect size for kissing. Angular nose. Thick, yet shaped, eyebrows. And very striking dark grey eyes. Very toned body (v near crotch). He’s tanned but not artificially, and he never freckles or burns.

HEIGHT: 6’2”

WEIGHT: 160 lb

CLOTHING CHOICES: Anything expensive yet stylish. Likes to look wealthy. (blazer, polos, slacks) But also tries to blend in enough that others feel like they can talk to him (jeans with dressy shirts, the most expensive sneaker, sometimes the expensive ragged stuff)

HAIR COLOR: Chestnut brown with golden highlights

HAIR LENGTH: Short, but with some length so that the wind can shift it and fingers can play with it

EYE COLOR: Dark grey, steely


JEWELRY/TATTOS/SCARS: No jewelry, ever. No tattoos. One small scar (cigar burn from father) on the front of his chest between his shoulder and collar bone, left side (is able to convince everyone that he was shot saving a woman from a rapist)


KEY RELATIONSHIPS: Doesn’t let anyone get close enough to form any real relationship, but has two “best” friends, Tony and Erick, and has a child (Chloe) with Lily. No parental relationship other than familial obligations. No love interests at all (unless you count himself).

EDUCATION: Horace Greeley High school. Had a full scholarship for Harvard, but never went. He receives his monthly inheritance from his parents’ estate and lives easily off of that.

WORK HISTORY: None, he’s rich by inheritance, doesn’t need to work ever.

SKILLS: Extremely charismatic. Manipulative, charming, and is able to make everyone around him comfortable and social.

PHOBIAS/FEARS: His father in some basic human way, but generally idolizes his father’s dark side. His big fear is being anything less than extraordinary/ the best/ anywhere close to average or forgettable.

BAD HABITS/VICES: He smokes and does other drugs (mostly coke). No alcohol, he fears that liquor will bring out his true nature and destroy everything he has worked for.

QUIRKS: His smile is perked on the right side when he is deliberately trying to be manipulative. He flicks his hair off his forehead slightly when he’s trying to be alluring. And he crosses his arms when shows his dominance (Lily visibly shrinks from this).

BEST QUALITIES: He’s sexy as hell. The devil should be ashamed.

WORST QUALITIES: Everything else about him. He believes his life’s purpose is to become higher than everyone else and deliberately crushes other people’s lives. Loves to torture and destroy (drugs, rape, even murder).

KEY CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCES: His father was a serial psychopath who raped, tortured, and killed young girls (16-23). They are very similar in personality, his father was a state Congressman and used his position to hide his true nature and going ons. His father once burned him with a cigar when he forgot to knock before entering “The Room”. (The Room is where his father did his work. His wife knew on a very deep subconscious level, she was brainwashed and abused by him herself, and he invited Ryan to join him once he reached the age of 12). These experiences mixed with bad genes led him to be who he is now.

KEY TEENAGE EXPERIENCES: Ryan took over the ‘family business’ when his father was arrested and executed. At the end of his senior year, he meets Lily. From the first moment he thinks she’s pretty, but easily sees that she is the perfect girl to fulfill the role of obedient girlfriend (like his mom was for his dad). He uses calculated conversations and manipulation to convince her to go with him to a party at a friend’s house. Before they go, he stops on a gas station to get some drinks. While she dresses, he puts a few sleeping pills in her soda. This knocks her out and he drives her a few hours north to the party where a cd of fake party noises is playing and takes her upstairs where he first injects her with coke and then rapes her along with Tony and Erick. Because of his lifelong training in manipulation and torture, he is able to make her do what he wants without much of a fight. They move up north to Owego when he should have left for college; instead of taking full advantage on his free ride, he continues to milk his inheritance and chooses to live an easy party life. This is where he differs from his dad; while his father would have gone to college to make the important connections he would have needed to gain more power and wealth (as well as a new hunting ground), he failed to see the importance of this and decided to become a rich druggie sociopath. While in Owego, he tortures, rapes, and sometimes kills prostitutes while he peddles drugs (he receives them from the city and has Tony and Erick sell them in the local community).


SEXUAL BACKGROUND: Lost his virginity to a prostitute at 12, right before his dad helped him kill her. He is only able to be aroused and get off when torture and force is involved. Doesn’t find anything or anyone else attractive.

FAVORITES: He likes whatever is trending. He has no personal taste when it comes to music, movies, food, etc.

GOALS AND MOTIVATIONS: Domination. Power. Lust. Blood. All that stuff.

MORALITY/ETHICS: Anything opposite of good. Other people are his playthings.

STYLE OF SPEECH: Well educated. Is very selective about his words; everything he says is meant to manipulate any situation in his favor (pursuing victims, making friends, getting out of trouble).

WORDS/SLANG/JARGON: He only uses what is trending at that moment. He is not a trendsetter himself, but because he is always informed on the whole world, he is able to bring brand new trends to his circle soon enough that he is viewed as a trendsetter.


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