The Elemental Sisters

The Beginning

The beginning of the Earth has been conjectured and argued about by many people over the course of history. How it was formed, how we were formed, all remain a mystery. Science has facts about what happened in the very early times of life here, and religion has many different followers who believe in something far greater than they are.

The forming of the world is known to none. It formed as an agreement between two very different, yet similar beings. I will not relate the small details of the conversation, or how they even arrived to begin. I will not relate to you where they came from, what they look like (if anything), or even if they are male or female. These points are not important. I will tell you that the decision was not reached lightly or quickly. Creating an entire new world is an exhausting piece of work that takes deep thought, patience, creativity, and time.

It is not the work of this story to tell you about how the world became. Instead, it is the work of this story to tell you about one of the first people who dwelt here, and her four daughters; Necia, Wahmenitu, Zephyra, and Adamina.

The four sisters were as close as sisters can be. They loved each other for their flaws as well as their goodness. Each one was vastly different from each other in looks and personality; but none of them seemed to mind one bit. They all played an important role in various points in the world; they all had personal goals they wanted to achieve. Their mother, the Mother of Nature of the Earth, ruled over the four. There were things that needed to be done, every job assigned to one daughter or herself. It was her personal job to oversee everything that grew and breathed life. Every tree, every rock, every bird, and every bee was her responsibility. She loved her job, almost as much as she loved her daughters.

Peace reigned through the world. There was love and light everywhere.

Until darkness crept from the shadows, smiting the light and filling the hearts of many.



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