Something New

So I finally finished the Divergent series (by Veronica Roth, if you didn’t know). And I bawled. I have a hate/love relationship with books that have amazing endings that I never wanted. If you don’t know what I mean, read all three. They’re amazing books with great writing. I felt a deflated when I read the author bio on the back cover flap and found out she’s a little younger than me. Oh, well, I’m not dead yet.

So about a year ago, maybe longer when I was searching for the best way to self publish, I ran across a site called Tablo. If you just Google Tablo, you’ll get some tv cable thing that I’ve never heard of, so to save you time and your sanity, click the link. It allows authors to publish complete books to Amazon and the iBooks store. But it also allows you to publish your book chapter by chapter and readers can leave comments and hit their version of a like button. I thought it was kind of cool on the reader side, so tonight, I decided to try it on the author side.

I have kinda sorta been mulling a fantasy idea and decided to try it out by using Tablo. I’m excited to see how it turns out. The fantasy idea is about mother nature and the elements (fire, water, wind, and earth) are her daughters and, to make it all interesting, there’s a villain who sets out to destroy everything and they have to save the world. If you’re interested to read it on Tablo, the link is here. Otherwise, I may post a new chapter on my blog every time I post one there.


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