Beep Beep Boop Boop

I feel like I completely wasted my three days off. I slept the entire day Sunday, literally. I came home, fell asleep, woke up at lunch time, tried to make my daughter mac and cheese but fell back asleep on accident (and now lucky that the house didn’t burn down), gave her a sandwich instead and told her she’ll have to deal for now, fell back asleep, woke up the last couple hours before her bed time, then fell back asleep and slept all night until around 8 the next morning. I feel like I wasn’t being a very good mommy on Sunday, but I guess that’s what I get for only getting 13 hours of sleep over the course of three days. I even partially got lost driving home Sunday morning. Not good. At least my boyfriend was up to watch her, so I guess I’m not too terrible. I did a little more sleeping on Monday (who knew I was so tired?) and then we did hours upon hours of shopping. We did our first real grocery run (and spent a lot of money) and we went to Burlington to get winter coats (and spent a lot of money because that wasn’t all we ended up getting). Side note, I forgot how much I love Burlington. We had one in New York and I used to shop there all the time when I was a broke college student. I got a $200 retail Columbia jacket for $80!! That’s what I call a freaking good deal. And then today I cleaned. I didn’t clean a lot, but I did clean some. And slept (my god, why am I so freaking tired?!). And now I’m writing.

So for this new unnamed novel, I’m writing the background story through a series of news clippings, police interrogation transcripts, and courtroom transcripts. I had been thinking that it would be cool to start off the book with all of this information (cool as in it’s not your normal ‘so this is what happened way back when’ background story). But I’m kind of doubting myself. I think all of it will be important throughout the entire book (and if it’s not then I can cut it), but I don’t know if the information should all be given up front, or if it should be dispersed through the whole thing.

What do you prefer? Obviously I don’t need to set the decision in stone just yet, but I want to know beforehand so I know where I need to go from there. It’s the little details that trip me up sometimes. They all tend to have good points to their purpose.


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