More Young Love

So I was just looking at my Facebook author page, and I noticed that I don’t have an author photo. On my normal page, I have several author pages that I’ve liked, and they all have their own photos. I’m not sure if it’s really that important, but I think it’s something that I’m going to have to work on at some point.

Well, not as much progress last night as the night before, I only wrote 788 words in Young Love, bringing the total amount of words up to 4,669. Not too bad. I did figure out that I want the series to be five books long. Tentatively. And so far, most of the almost 5,000 words is in the last book. Go figure. But hey, it’s something. And I almost feel that it’s okay to have them all written before I release the first one, and then just release them every six months. Sounds fairly smart to me at least.

Today I plan on writing the outlines for the five different books, I already have an idea of what each one is about, but I need some sort of guideline to go by. I also want to write more for the book, obviously, but in particular I want to write the second half of this chapter that I wrote on Saturday (or whenever it was that I wrote a bunch of it). I wrote a scene that day that is about as long as half of a chapter so one more scene should make a whole chapter. My word count aim for each book is 60,000. I read somewhere that that was a normal length for romances so, why not start there? I will also try to get out of my Bugs funk today and try to finish Chapter 9. Try. I need to stay up really late again tonight so I have plenty kid-free time.

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