Woops, I Forgot To Name My Post!

Chapter 8 is done and chapter 9 is started and going well. Feeling pretty positive about it. The chapters after 9 are all exciting and full of suspense and action. I’m so excited to write them! I know some authors have the ability to write chapters out of order, but every time I try, it doesn’t come out right. Or I should say it doesn’t feel like they come out right. So I write in order. It’s better anyways; the little details matter quite a bit and I need to make sure they’re all correct.

I’ve been thinking about the editing process for when I’m done writing. I am not an editor and I”m quickly realizing that I don’t really want to reread my stuff. I’m not sure why, but I just can’t seem to do it. I can scan through what I’ve written when I’m looking for a fact or to make sure I included something, but it feels weird to just sit down with a red pen and just read it. But the few editors I priced online are all pretty expensive. I wasn’t surprised that they cost a pretty penny, but I was shocked to see just how many pretty pennies they want. I plan on doing more research before I make any final decisions though.

I’m having such a hard time thinking right now. Way too many distractions right now. But on the plus side, it’s not yet ten in the morning here and I’ve already written 371 words of chapter 9, bringing the total word count for the chapter up to 666 (dun dun DUUUUNNN) and 28,833 words for the books so far. That book word count doesn’t include chapter 6 and it doesn’t include most of the preface and about half of chapter 5. They’re written, but not on my computer so I don’t know their word count yet, but I’m willing to bet that my total word count is somewhere around 35,000. So, yay!! I’m almost halfway done! Woot woot!

I have a feeling I”m going to have to go back through and add more to 9 though. I was aiming for between 1,000 and 1,500 words for the first section of it (there are only two sections in this chapter) and I only wrote 666. I’ll just have to write the rest, see how the word count is, and then go from there. The average word count I need for every chapter so that I reach my goal for the total word count is 3,089.5. Right now I’m averaging (not including missing or incomplete chapters) 4,274.5 words per chapter. I’m over by 1,185 so if 9 isn’t so great, it may be okay. It’s not a very big chapter anyways, but it’s an important one. It’s like the turning point in the story.

Okay. Back to work people.


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