No Ear Kissing Here

Chapter 8 is done!!!! Woohoo!!! And it’s better than the first time, which is awesome. I’ve noticed that everything that I’m having to rewrite is better than the first draft. It makes me very happy because I’d be very mad if it was worse the second time around. So, actually, losing what I lost when my flash drive crashed has been a blessing in disguise.

I did realize last night why it’s so hard for me to faithfully write every day. I’m exhausted at night and during the day, how do you kill people and all that fun stuff when your three year old is throwing a tantrum? Okay, bad example. When said child is being adorable or lovable? It’s hard. At least for me it is. I’ll be writing a tense scene and my daughter will come up and start asking for things and I’m able to mostly ignore her, but then usually my boyfriend will come in and do something like kiss my ear. Bugs can’t eat people when my ear is being kissed! I would love to have my own little room to type in and have the ability to deadbolt the door, but I don’t see that happening for a while (I write at the dining room table right now).

But even with my own writing space I don’t think I’d be able to write something useful every single day. Writer’s block seems to be my best friend when I try to actually work. That and the internet. Stupid internet.

Do you have any techniques/habits/tools/whatnots to help you keep writing? Maybe duck tape on the family members?


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