I Love Used Books

Seriously, I do. I had to make a slight emergency trip to the dollar store today. The brush we use to scrub the dishes somehow was filled with hard cheese. The thing was rock hard. So I had to throw it away and go get a new one. Turns out, the dollar store was out of scrub brushes at the moment to so I have to suffer with sponges for a few days. And while I was there, I, of course, had to look at everything they had (when everything is a dollar, you have to look). I always go to their book section and just look. It’s usually boring and filled with bibles, crossword books, and self help books written by people no one cares about. But today, I think I may have found two gems.

No, they technically aren’t used books, but they were only a dollar each! Extremely good deal in my opinion; one was had a retail value of $25, the other $24. The books I bought are The Hand That First Held Mine by Maggie O’Farrell and Malice by Lisa Jackson (links are to Goodreads… where I discovered that Malice is number six in a series. Sad.). They sound pretty good to me, and I can’t wait to read them… when I have the time. But it got me thinking; when was the last time I actually bought a book that no one else has ever owned? The answer? I honestly can not remember. Unless you count being there when my boyfriend bought Catching Fire and Mockingbird (Suzanne Collins) and count in the fact that we join our money together, then it has been years since I bought a brand new book. Years.

My favorite place to shop for books is the half priced bookstore up in Tacoma. I feel like I’m in heaven when I go there. It’s true I feel like I’m in heaven when I go into any bookstore, but the low prices of this one ups the drool factor considerably. I LOVE books (kind of a requirement for a writer). Unfortunately, I don’t get to go up there as often as I would like, and I’m generally broke, so, yeah. Another favorite place of mine to buy books is my library. I never knew before I joined this library that they sold books! Quite a happy surprise. Hardbacks are a dollar, paperback are fifty cents, and they always have a small group of books that are 3/$1. Pretty awesome. I have bought quite a few from my library. And now I have the dollar store!

But because of all these amazing places to buy cheap books, my collection is quite a bit larger than the time that I have to actually sit down and read. In fact, I shouldn’t even be blogging, I’m 10:30 at night and I still need to do the dishes. But I just can’t help myself. And I keep buying free ebooks from Barnes and Noble and Amazon (I have doubled the amount that I have since I last counted and posted the number here). I download at least three new ones every day. I don’t know if I have a problem or not, but I really need to stop so I can catch up on all of this reading and leave reviews on Goodreads and here. Besides the fact that I’m rereading Harry Potter (for the millionth time), I can’t even think about sitting down to a new book.

I have an interview tomorrow for a new Amazon distribution center. This is the second interview. The first one was conducted by phone in the middle of February. FEBRUARY. The building wasn’t even done then, I’m not sure if it’s done now. But this is taking forever! I’m getting really antsy, and if I don’t hear promising news tomorrow, then I’m going to be forced to apply at other jobs I don’t want. I really want to work at Amazon, the benefits sound amazing and the starting pay is the highest I have ever been paid. And guaranteed full time. I NEED THIS JOB. It is a good sign though that I have to bring my driver’s license and diploma with me tomorrow. Hopefully that will bring me good news. The interview has been scheduled for close to a month now, and every day I get closer to it I get even more nervous.

Good news is that you can’t buy used ebooks. Sure, you can buy it, read it, and return it claiming it sucked or something, but that’s kind of dishonest. Still, all around good news for me when I get this darned book finished and published.

Well, good night everyone. I’m off to fall asleep in the dish water.


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