I Feel Like The Plague Is Going Around

Everyone is getting sick!! My dad gets sick like everyone else. But he NEVER calls in to work. He got really sick in the middle of the night and actually stayed home. This will make the second time he’s called in sick in my memory. Which means he’s really, really sick because he’s gone to work with pneumonia before. I’m really hoping he keeps it to himself. I really don’t want what he has. 

Anyways. I haven’t been very productive today. Unless you call reading a book productive. I can’t seem to get writing equipment out of my head (computer, desk, nice chair, etc.). I have none of those things of my own right now. Well, technically I have a laptop, but my daughter wasn’t watching where she was going the other day, stepped on the battery pack and the cord coming out of it and broke the end that plugs into the battery. Sixty bucks down the drain (I had to replace both almost a year ago when the original crapped out). So while I wait for a cheap universal replacement to come in, I am laptopless. I should just get a new laptop though. I’m missing the right shift key, the ‘ key, and the two keys to the right of the right hand alt key. The screen is literally falling off, the touch mousepad doesn’t work, and I’ve gone through two hard drives. Oh well. I’m just going to have to try and save up for a new one. Definitely not a touchscreen though. I don’t understand the purpose of that. Just get a tablet if you want touchscreen.

So writing 1,000 words for Chapter 8 yesterday was easier said than done. Especially since I forgot how much I needed for the chapter. I did get almost 500 words done yesterday during naptime though. It would have been more if I didn’t have a splitting headache by the time she needed to go to sleep at night. Just means more work for me tonight. I figured I can finish 8 and write all of 9 before I absolutely have to finish the biography of Ryan. All of the characters live in my head, and it’s so easy to write them, but I have a feeling I’ll benefit more if I write at least Ryan’s down. I need to be able to understand him when I have writer’s block.

To work, I go.


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