Labeled as a self involved, egotistical, psychopath, Ryan gets his kicks off of seeing other people be miserable; especially at his own hands. Born with virtually no morals, he endured a youth with an inattentive, ex beauty queen mother who was constantly beat at the hands of her merciless husband.
Although his  father was no drunkard, he never seemed to run out of reasons to tenderize his wife’s face for no apparent good reason. Living a life of fear quickly vanished when Ryan became accustomed to the violence in his house. Because his father was also the state Senator, the vicious secrets never left the confines of intimacy inside the trio’s circle. His mother quickly became a professional at hiding her bruises and cuts under heaps of makeup, sunglasses, and scarves.
Shortly after his father moved his vicious attacks away from his mother’s face and centralized them sexually, he began to notice that his own son was picking up some of his traits. Instead of going through an epiphany and feeling disgusted with the way he acted, he encouraged, and even invited Ryan to join in on his rampages. Ryan joined eagerly and with his new partner in crime, the duo soon began to lure in other innocent women (usually hookers or druggies) to use them as their sex slaves.
Sometimes they died.
The attacks on his mother slowly decreased and, with great relief, she shut herself away in some other part of the large mansion and drank herself into a full time stupor to deal with the decades long trauma she had suffered through, too grateful for her own survival to be a part of any of the girls. For the women who lived through the torment, Ryan’s father deftly, and eagerly, paid them off or threatened them into silence, to protect his image. But the facade couldn’t be kept up for  long. Rumors began to spread throughout the surrounding areas and soon everyone suspected enough of their Senator that the attention of the FBI was caught.
It wasn’t long before they had built a large enough case to throw him into jail for the rest of  his life. With the only feeling of fatherhood he had ever felt for his son, he destroyed any evidence that could lead to Ryan after every gruesome video was made, and had, from the start, only allowed him to participate if the victims were either unconscious or dead. Out of fear and love for her son, Ryan’s mother never gave any hint that he was involved, and using his charm and lack of feelings, he successfully convinced the FBI that he had no knowledge of his father’s goings on and that he was just as shocked as anyone else was. He had admitted to knowing about the beatings his mother received, but due in large part to a sympathizing psychologist, Ryan was never charged or even arrested for not reporting the battery crimes. He was just a simple scared and bullied young man who was just trying to protect his mother. Inwardly, Ryan laughed at their stupidity.
Even though his father was in jail and Ryan never saw him again to keep a public appearance, he kept up a strong correspondence through letters under a pseudonym in a coded language. That was when he met Erick and Tony. His father set up their introduction at a local warehouse, and the three instantly hit it off.
As it turns out, they too had been writing to his father, both enamored with sexual violence. And they planned on reenacting some of his crimes that night. The three took turns getting high while they sexually assaulted an innocent runaway they had ran into just outside the warehouses door. She never saw the sun rise again. During the night, the three became fast friends and vowed to continue their nightly ritual for as long as they wished. But during the day,  Ryan became the poor, scared teenager who’s father had a deep, dark secret.
His classmates from his private school avoided him at first, but quickly overlooked the horrors in his family and clamored around him once again. With his handsome dark looks, the soft ruggedness of his features, and his crystal clear blue eyes, all coupled with his natural charm and social ease, no girl was safe when she was around him, no matter her age. He charmed the men into thinking how cool and intelligent he was, and with the ladies, he was the man. Because of his talents, he became the bait the lured the innocent to their deaths, for the trio didn’t think it wise to allow any of the girls live throughout the night.
Until they met Lily.
For reasons unknown, Ryan couldn’t allow her to die, though she was never spared from his violence. In his own unfeeling way, he loved Lily and her potential for their own sick needs. And when she became pregnant with his child, he couldn’t have been happier. If he had a son, he would raise him to know how things were done in his household. If he had a girl, he would just kill her. And probably Lily too. He wasn’t happy at the prospect of losing her, but he knew that killing her child was probably what was going to make her stand up to him. And that, he would never be able to have.
So when Lily discovered from the doctors that she was having a girl, Ryan flew in a rage. He had wanted a son and to keep Lily. And now he would get neither. Instead of killing her right away however, he decided to wait until the baby was born to confirm his fears. And if he hadn’t been high enough to see Elvis flying through the sky, he most likely would have never thrown her out into the hallway to die right away. He would have waited to see the sex of the child. Thanks to his lack of proper judgement, throwing Lily out into the hall was the best thing to happen to the young lady and her newly born daughter. The baby would live a full life, and Lily would never have to know the anguish of losing a child.

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