Since Thursday, I have read three books. Two by Jana DeLeon and one by Lynn Reynolds. Not bad considering I didn’t have any of those days off.  My goal is to read all of my ebooks. I decided to start with my phone and then go to my nook. Reading them hasn’t fixed my addiction to downloading them though. After I read the first one, I downloaded 14 more. Go me. I may never finish all of them. But I will be deleting the ones I don’t like, so that’s better, right? Eventually I will be reading them all and I’ll at least try to write reviews for all of them. No guarantees though. And these will probably be the only reviews for about a week. I need to pack up our stuff and hopefully tomorrow, we can actually start moving all of our crap into our new apartment. So I’m going to be busy for a little while. When I’m done writing these reviews, I’m going to try and make a special tab for just my reviews. I may have to wait until I’m actually on a real computer. Okay, on to the reviews!


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