A Kick In The Butt

I know I said (two days ago) that I would do a full length post, but, I forgot. Not going to lie, that will probably be my life-long quote. I’ve been using it for as long as I can remember, which ironically, is quite a long time. You can even ask my mom, but be prepared for a lengthy lecture of all the things I have “forgotten”. So in this post, I’m going to talk about what I’m working on, the blog post from three years ago that I just ran into that had me laughing and yelling at myself, and other random crap that I seem to only care about. It’s okay. That’s another part of my life that I’ve come to term with. I care about crap no one else cares about. 

So Bugs. Ugh. I know I said I would have it available for purchase and reading by March 1st. Not going to happen. Unless I puke it out of my nose, it’s just not going to happen. That flash drive crash killed the train I had been on with my story. And I haven’t been able to catch another ride since. Oh well. I’m seriously considering paying my sister some money to retype out what I have printed but not on my computer because I HATE retyping my work. I don’t know why, and it’s probably my biggest procrastinating excuse, but I really do despise it. I also still get mad when I pick up the end of Chapter five and see that almost all of my prologue is gone. It was perfect!! And now it’s gone. 😦 Ah, well, I guess I will just have to suck it up and continue writing before I’ve completely forgotten what I had written in the first place. Which is what I’m planning on doing starting today. I am going to pick it back up, bring my characters back to life, and get back to work. I want this done. It has to end. Now.

Besides Bugs, I have been writing down a lot of other ideas for books. Some seem great at first, until I look at them again later. Then they sound really stupid. I haven’t started writing anything else, other than continuing on with The Intruder, but I have gotten quite a few ideas. I’m really excited about my latest one. It’s mermaids. And not Disney mermaids. Nothing like that. Remember folks, I do horror. Mix that with mermaids and you get some seriously sexy f*ed up shit. And it’s going to be a series. I have no idea when I’ll even start the full outline for any of it, because I do want to do some research and write some of my history on it before I give any hints of any dates. But I can say, it’s going to be amazing. 

The Intruder is coming along nicely though. I’m about halfway done with that. I did lose some of what I had already written with the crash, but this didn’t upset me like Bugs did. What I’m writing now is better than what I had written previously. Now, if I had lost it all, especially the beginning, I’d be even more of a mess and might even swear off writing for forever. Thankfully, that didn’t happen. 

I’m moving again! Quit rolling your eyes. This time we’re moving into our own apartment in our own names. Yay! I am so done with living with other people. This move shouldn’t be too difficult though. We’ll have a lot more space for all the crap we refuse to through away, and I have new furniture so it’s doubly exciting. 

I’ve also been working out for an hour several times a week. I love it. I sweat a lot and I curse at the trainer, but I feel a lot better already. I’m sleeping better, I’m in a better mood everyday, and I have new found hope that I can wear all the cute clothes I keep pinning on pinterest. 

As a side note, I did freak out a guy on Valentine’s Day. It was funny. For the three days off I had Valentine’s week, I worked in the flower shop my grandma book keeps in. She’s been there longer than I have been alive. I never realized how stressful a flower shop could be. I’ve always thought I’d have fun in them, you know, arranging flowers, but that’s not what I did. I got to work the front and the phones. I’m saying this now, I hate the phones. So on the big day, this guy was waiting for his special arrangement and he was talking about how he hates the kind of bear that was sitting on our counter. It was one of those stiff bears that stay in place when you move their limbs and head around. He apparently has been scarred by It and Chucky and bears and dolls like that freak him out. I told him that if I was an engineer (or you know, someone who can just do this stuff), I would put a timed motor in his little body and make his head spin around in the middle of the night with flashing red light bulbs in his eyes. The guy told me I was messed up and I laughed. Wimp.

On to the post now. It was a real butt kicker that I needed. It was pretty awesome. It’s three years old, but will be relevant for a long, long time. It’s called 25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing. The title is pretty self explanatory. And a real butt kicker. So if you need one, read it. Also read Justification or Excuse? Also good stuff. 

Well I guess that’s it for now. I’ll be posting two book reviews later on, hopefully within the next two days or so. They’re both by Jana DeLeon, a fellow self publisher. And someone I plan on reading for a long time. 


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