I Swear I Didn’t Die From Grief

Yes, I’m still here. I moved (yes, again) so it’s been a little hard to write a post, and writing one on my phone is kind of annoying. But I now have a computer hooked up, with internet, so I can keep up again. But good news! I was able to recover most of the files that were lost on my flash drive, including my preface and chapters one through six. I lost seven, eight, nine, and what I had of ten, but I can rewrite those. And actually yesterday I found the first half of nine in my notebook (I had apparently printed it out so I could work on it at work, which I never did). So I do have that.

The bad part is, I have to retype almost all of that. I hate retyping from paper. It’s annoying and time consuming. Pretty mad about losing chapter seven though. I was perfect. Well, as perfect as I could have wanted for a first draft. Well, I guess for now I’m just trying to retype it all and look for the box I accidentally packed my outline in and try to do as much as possible by the end of this month. I promise I’ll keep up on my posts now that I have this part of my move completed.


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