I have lost everything. All of my files on my flash drive are forever gone. The only consolation I have is that I had printed out the first seven chapters and the preface. Someone has them, but he’s going to give them back to me so I can recopy it. And I had previously printed out my outline, I had felt at that time that a hard copy would be useful. But the book has actually become the least of all my worries.

The last day I used my flash drive, I dumped all of my phone’s pictures and videos on it, even from my SD card. It was full enough that I was lucky to be getting texts. So I dumped it all onto my flash drive. Normally I definitely back up my pictures and videos, but I was going to be late for work and I figured that I could just do it later. Well, apparently not. I’ve lost every picture and video that I have taken of my daughter since she was born. Every single one. A few of them were backed up on my very unreliable computer, my mom’s computer, and a couple were backed up on Google, so I do have a few including the first time she rolled onto her tummy. But I lost everything else. Even pictures with my boyfriend playing with her. Pretty much heartbroken right now.

Even with some of what I written ‘recovered’, I’m still not going to be able to complete NaNo and I there’s a good chance I’ll miss my publication date hopes. Additionally, I may not do another post for a few days, I need time for self pity and wallowing.


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