Usually I write my book on my boyfriend’s desktop. It’s much easier to type on and it has a comfy chair in front of it. The other day, he was using his computer and I had to use my laptop. My laptop was running very slow and after I had plugged my flashdrive in, I ran a scan for malware and things like that on my computer. I didn’t open up the flashdrive folder or anything because the slowness was just making me mad. Now I can’t open it at all!When I plug it in, a screen pops up giving me the option to format the drive, which I always hit cancel on, I was told that the alternative was bad. And when I try to manually open the folder, it gives me an error message that says ‘G:\ is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.’ Help! I looked the problem up online and I tried running the chkdsk thing, didn’t work. I tried to go through the backup thing and it would even give me the option to back up the flashdrive. I really, really need that stuff off of it. I don’t care if the flashdrive is trashed, I just need all of my files! If you have any idea how to fix this, please, please, please leave a comment with help.


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