Holy smokes! My stats for today are sky high! Yipee!!!

Now on to more exciting news for all of you. I have dusted off my old website, redesigned it, made it look all purtty and you can find it here. I’ve even made the mobile site for it all purtty. Also apparently people have shared a few of my posts on many other social websites like Pinterest. Not sure how you really share a pictureless blog post on Pinterest, but okay. Didn’t even know you could see your share stats today, I’m learning a lot in a short amount of time this evening. It also occurred to me earlier that I never posted a link to my NaNoWriMo author page thingy. And if I have, bear with me, I don’t have the greatest of memories and I’m too lazy to look through all my posts to see if I actually have.

Now on to writing!!


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