I Wrote Crap Today

I have written shit today. Did I reach all my daily word counts? Yes. Was it painful? Very. And it’s crap. Utter crap. At least I think so right now. Hopefully it’s not actually crap and someone somewhere likes it. But I now have 31,542 words in total, 2,074 of which were from today. Which in itself is pretty awesome. Today’s word count was amazing. And a miracle. I was not in the mindset to write horror today. Today would have been a good day to write romance, if only I had something that I could have built on and not have to go back and either fix or delete later. 

I would like to point something out that I don’t think I’ve said before. I swear. I do my best to hold it in, but sometimes it just lets loose. And in real life, it takes on a little southern accent. Not sure why, but it does. I also swear in my books and short stories. All of them. So if swearing is offensive at all to you, this isn’t going to be for you. Especially since there may come a time when I’ll use mean swear words in the dialogue of some piece (I don’t generally use those kinds of words myself though, but if it fits the character, then the character will say it). This is something about me that will never change. My dad is a trucker. And before that he was in the Army. My first swear word was fuck. No joke. And I was three (I think). Also, no joke. Fun fact: mine and my dad’s favorite swear phrase is ‘fuck a duck’ and I’m also quite partial to ‘son of an asshole’ and we both throw in fuck wherever we can when we’re mad. Drives my mom up the wall.

But back to my crappy writing! I finished Chapter Seven, which was really the crappy part of the writing that I did tonight. I liked the very last line I wrote in the chapter, and the part right before that turned out interesting, but the rest was crap. The beginning that I wrote for Chapter Eight tonight was pretty decent. I’m at least more confident with it, which is good. And I would keep going if my brain wasn’t starting to revert to my middle school writing abilities. I was noticing that I was doing a lot of she did this, she did that, so and so said this, so and so said that. Not good stuff. So I stopped writing just over my word count goal. At least I made it. Can’t fault me there. And if it really is crap, then I can always fix it in the proofreading and editing process.


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