I’m Feeling Ambitious

Last night, while I was at work, attempting to prevent myself from blowing out my own brains from boredom, I decided to suddenly be extremely ambitious. I was thinking about what I had accomplished so far this year (which is very, very little) and thought about what I wanted to accomplish this coming year. This year, I did publish a short story…. that I had originally written in my creative class in high school and last year I polished up some, not enough, but it did look better when I was finished and published it on Amazon for $.99. I’m almost halfway done with Bugs and I’m still only a quarter of the way through The Intruder, but even if I have to pull all nighters for a month straight, I am going to get them both completely done and ready for press by the end of December.

I currently plan to publish The Intruder on the first of January and begin the preorder for Bugs that same day. The preorder will last until the beginning of March. That’s what I’m currently planning on, but no guarantees. And next year I plan to publish three novels, one horror and two romance, and two short stories, one of each genre. The first novel I plan on publishing next year (other than Bugs) is Love, Mommy. I’ve spoken about it briefly before and I decided that this was a good one to start with, I already have over 20,000 words written. Granted, I will have to kind of start over from the beginning with character summaries and an outline, but with the word count head start, I can just fix it as I read it and decide how much I need to alter. I love head starts. The same time I plan on putting that novel on preorder (all my novels for next year will be on preorder), I will be publishing a romance short story I have already started. It doesn’t have a title yet, I’m having the hardest time coming up with one, but it’s already halfway written. Again, I love head starts.

After Love, Mommy, I will do my horror novel, which I would like to be Blue Beard, and the horror short story, both in time for Halloween next year. And then I will end the year with my second romance. That romance will be the first book in a series I’ve been thinking about for almost a year. I haven’t completely decided on the title for the series, but I do know it’s going to have quite a few books in it. At least four.

All this makes me think about where I stood when I started writing Bugs. I really had no idea what I was doing. For the most part I still feel that way, but I have learned a lot. Firstly, character summaries and outlines go a loooooong way. They are so useful! I have always written with some sort of outline for whatever it was that I was writing, but never anything formal. And I do have an outline for Bugs and The Intruder. I don’t have character summaries for them though. The characters in The Intruder are…. I’m not sure how to put it. I want to say they’re simple enough to write about, but I don’t want to get that confused with boring or cliched. Either way, I understand them enough that I don’t need any for it. As for Bugs, the characters are alive in my head. I know exactly how each one should act, feel, talk, all of that. For instance, the main antagonist in the story (Ryan), is pure evil. I can feel it when I write, I can feel his hatred, his slyness, his manipulation as I write a scene that features him. In fact, the last time I wrote with him in it, I was being a complete bitch to my boyfriend for no reason, because Ryan was being, well, Ryan in the scene I was writing. I apologized to him afterwords and told him what was going on, but it still impacted the way I behaved. I’m not sure if it’s normal, but it seems to be working.

After all that rambling I just did, I just want to reiterate, character summaries are important, and I will be using them for all of my novels next year, I’ll have to. At least with Love, Mommy. The characters in that novel have a further range of emotions that they experience throughout the story, and there are so many facts and details to each character that there is going to be no way I’ll be able to keep it all neatly in my head. No way. And it’s actually one of the reasons I put it aside even though I had already written so many words. I got lost in my own writing and couldn’t figure out what was going on or when. It’s a mess I’m going to have to clean up.

But those are my goals. Three novels, two short stories. I feel like that I might have been too ambitious in them, but only time will tell.


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