The Pumpkin Story

Took me longer than I expected to actually write this post today, and just in time too, I need to leave for work in an hour. I got caught up changing my blog and playing with my daughter. Oh, and I did some laundry too. 

Here we go!

Claire peeked through the slits in her closet door, the light beams shining on her face. She leaned back, shoved her fist in her mouth, and began to count to ten. One. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. She bit down on her hand. Two. Creeeak. A lonely tear streamed down her face. Three. Silence. Fear pulsed through her veins, pumping her heart loudly in the dark. More tears flowed as she began to hyperventilate, blood streaming between her clenched fingers. She began to rock back and forth as the door was swung open, revealing the monster she had tried to avoid.

He reached in, grabbed a fistful of her blonde hair and yanked her forward. Claire screamed in pain as her hair parted with her scalp and her hand ripped out from between her teeth, flesh tearing from her bones. His hand full of her hair, he pulled her from her room, and slowly descended the stairs, her body painfully thudding against each step, her throat already raw from screaming. As he dragged her slowly into the living room, Claire kicked her legs and swung her body side to side, trying to break free.

He suddenly let go of her hair, causing her head to hit the floor, disorienting her for a moment. She closed her eyes in pain and lifted her arms up to inspect the back of her head. As she felt the growing bump, she heard his small footsteps near her. She opened her eyes and screamed before his ax cut her voice short. Giggling maliciously, he skipped up the stairs to surprise his mother, singing the alphabet as he went.

I hope you enjoyed that. Obviously, if I had successfully carved this into my pumpkin, it would not have been in paragraphs, just one big block of text. Have a great day!


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