Bad Dream

So I know it’s just awful of me that I haven’t posted since Halloween. But I have good reasons. My daughter was quite sick for three days starting on last Monday. And because I’m her mom, I very promptly started not to feel well on Thursday. I was positive I was going to go through what she went through, but after a very much needed nap that day, I felt a lot better. I still don’t feel normal, but close. However, just because I didn’t get sick, doesn’t mean my boyfriend didn’t either. He was sick for the last half of Halloween, all of Friday, and felt slightly better yesterday but went to work still feeling like crap. All this sickness has me running around because when I became sick on Thursday, my mom told me that all three of us could spend the night there since we were already there and we lived an hour away. For unknown reasons, my boyfriend didn’t want to do that. So I left my daughter there so that she wouldn’t get sick again and I went home with him to make sure he actually made it home. And then on Friday, I went down to my parents and spent all day with them and then worked yesterday. My laundry has felt my neglect.

I actually started feeling ill Wednesday night while carving my pumpkin. That was a huge mess. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to carve. The book of designs that came with our tools sucked and everything I drew was either too detailed or looked better in my head. I was about to give up when a lightbulb went off somewhere. I write. I write horror. Why shouldn’t I write a little itty bitty horror story and put it on the pumpkin, carve it on. So I wrote a small story and started to carve it. Although the story itself was small, it would have taken up my entire pumpkin and the words would have.been on the small size. I carved my first letter of the first word, which was c, and found that it just wasn’t going to work. What about any letters that had holes in them? So I gave that up. By now I was seriously considering turning my pumpkin into a bowl of sick, but doesn’t call me stubborn for naught. So I decided non something not so awesome to carve, but still more creative than the standard toothy smile most pumpkins adorn this time of year. I was still going to write something, but not a story. It was going to say ‘Ummm…BOO…and stuff’. I got as far as ‘Ummm…l’ before I gave up and decided to go to bed to try to calm my stomach (that’s how it still looks too, by the way). I tell you that whole pumpkin story because I would hate to see any story go to waste and I want to post it for you all. But not yet. I’m blogging from my phone right now (I’ll tell you why in a moment) and I don’t have the story or patience with me right now. So in the morning at a more decent hour, I will post it.

The reason I am blogging from my phone (and why I’m doing it at 3 in the morning) is because I had a bad dream. This is my second time having this dream, but this time it was far more detailed and much longer. Let’s go ahead and call this a nightmare, I was sweaty, shaking, and still scared when I woke up. Being a natural scaredy cat and a horror writer, it only makes sense to make a profit on my nightmares. And this is a good one. It has an ‘evil scientist’, his evil creations from experiments gone wrong on people, a woman and a child but possibly a larger group than that, and a world wide pandemic. Of course in my dream I was the mom and my daughter was her little girl, so it scared the crap out of me. It won’t stay like that when I write it though. No way. I may post a better description of this dream later on, but don’t count on it. I’m going to write it down once I’m done here, but I’m just not sure if I want to broadcast it yet. Its going to be good.

Apparently blogging chases away monsters and invites the sandman in, so I’ll leave you here, and blog later today. Happy late Halloween! And goodnight all.


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