Turning My Writing Into A Habit

Normally I find it hard at the end of the day to sit down at the computer and hammer away the thoughts it my head for various reasons ranging from writer’s block to exhaustion to annoyance. This week is changing everything. Every day since Sunday, I have sat down at my computer and written. I see a habit being formed from this, and it excites me. Tonight I wrote 2,412 words. Which ended up giving me an entire Preface, and some more of Chapter Seven. The preface was originally going to be the middle section of Chapter Seven. But when I realized that what I had written had turned into five pages, I decided that it was better suited in a chapter all by itself, and so, the preface was born. I was hoping to write all of Chapter Seven tonight so that when I hand what I’ve completed over to my beta reader, he won’t be left hanging. I just don’t see that happening tonight. My fuses in my brain are starting to short out, and I still have a few other things I need to do tonight before I can go to bed (my interview is tomorrow!).

But I do believe daily writing is becoming a habit. I’ve heard that if you do or say something seven times in a row, then it becomes a repetition. Today is day five so if I can hold out for two more days, then it should become a habit, right? I really hope that was more like a scientific fact versus my teacher spewing lies to middle schoolers.

Since Sunday, I have written a total of 5,088 words bringing my total count for Bugs up to 28,442 with 51,558 left to write. With my preface, the average chapter count needs to be 3,089 words. Not including what I have for Seven because it’s not finished, my average chapter count is 3,812, above average by three words so far. I would like it to be a little higher so that I won’t stress about it, but being above is better than being below. And now that my ‘boring’ chapters are finished and I only have exciting chapters to write, I don’t see any problems with trying to stay above average.

Well, here’s to good habits and accomplishing dreams! Even if it ends up taking me years to write this book, as long as I finish it, I will be happy (but seriously, I want it done by 2014).


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