More Writing

I had a really good day yesterday. I wrote 2,095 words in Bugs last night after my daughter went to bed. I’m going to write as much as I possibly can before I work today, the goal is to finish Chapter Seven before I go to bed though. If not, I have the six following days off. And on Sunday and Monday, my ex might take our daughter. Which means minimal distractions! Yay! I have decided to go with a different cover for Bugs and The Intruder. I have already picked out the picture I want to use for The Intruder, but I can’t decide for Bugs. When I get closer to the editing process for both pieces, I’ll buy the pictures and hand them over to my sister so she can do her thing and turn them into masterpiece book covers.

While I was writing yesterday, I put in a whole new thing that I never expected to add, and I’m not completely sure yet if it should be there. It’s a nice addition, but I’m afraid it’ll slow down the action scene. I’ll most likely leave it there and let my beta readers decide if they like it or not.

But back to writing. I have less than four hours to knock out the rest of the chapter. And then six days off!


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