So I’m looking through the different themes wordpress has to offer to us bloggers. I see some that I like, some that I really like but cost money and I’m too cheap and broke to buy them, and a lot that I don’t like at all. This is going to take me a while I think. there was one theme that I really liked, but it had a more feminine feel to it and would be perfect if I was strictly a romance writer, which I’m not. Which brought up another question to mind. What if I started a new blog (obviously post the link to it on this one) that was just for my romance books (….that I haven’t written yet…..)? A part of me is like ‘YEAH!’ and the other part is like ‘that sounds like too much work’. The second part will most likely win, but what do you think? Is two separate blogs for one author be a good idea if they write more than one genre and each blog was specified for one genre? Or would that be too much and it’d just be easier if it was all in one spot and just have separate pages for them?


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