I’m Making Progress, Slowly

Ten minutes worth of 298 words has finished Chapter Six tonight for me. I can’t believe I’ve been putting that off because I was sick. Pfft. Oh well. Now the fun begins. Chapter Seven is the beginning of the end, and I can’t wait! So many bugs, so little time (for my characters, I mean). Bwahahaha! I feel so evil as I plot many of their demises. So wrong, yet so satisfying. Although, I do have to admit, the main antagonist kind of scares me. Like, if the gaps between writing periods are too long, he might come and murder me to get me going (not literally, but that’s his personality in my book).

So Bugs is starting to move along and it’s getting closer to halfway done. The Intruder, however, is not moving so quickly. In the outline for it, instead of having chapters, I have scenes (more like bullet points actually). And there are 21 scenes/bullet points. I only have five of them done. The sixth one is a larger one though and I’m changing to characters that I haven’t even introduced yet. Should be fun. I’m just as excited for The Intruder as I am for Bugs. But I’m really nervous too. When I published Come Find Me, I was the only one who really read it and made corrections. But Bugs is going to be my first novel, and I kind of only have one person who’s reading it. And I don’t even know if he counts. He’s one of my bosses and he’s only read the first chapter so far because I haven’t had the opportunity to print out the other five for him to read yet, but he says he really likes it and can’t wait to read the rest (he really wants to know what happens, I’ve been told that that’s a good sign). So I have him. And no one else. I’ve been thinking about advertising for a proofreader, but I’m broke and a little nervous about handing over my hard work to just anyone. I don’t know if I’ll have anyone else read The Intruder yet, but as of right now I’ll be the only one for that piece.

I’m also having problems with the cover art for both of them. I made them both with an art app on my boyfriend’s tablet and I really like the one for Bugs. If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:


And The Intruder:


What do you think of the two pictures for the covers? I’m worried that they don’t look professional enough. Also, what does everyone think about the new blog look? Is it too girly?


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