I’m starting to run out of post titles…

I haven’t really been able to do any writing in the last few days, or to update my blog. But first things first. Welcome followers! I am super excited to have you! No, really. I’m super excited. I even woke my boyfriend up at three in the morning to tell him I had a new follower. He wasn’t happy.

So since Friday, I have been really busy with last minute plans because apparently I’m the only one who likes to plan things more than five minutes ahead. I went to a birthday party after work on Friday. Went to a pumpkin patch right before work on Saturday, I was almost late too. And yesterday my body decided to catch up on sleep. But today I’m giving away my child for the night and I’m going to write as much as possible before I take her back. But Saturday I was able to write a little bit while working. I’m not sure how many words it was but it definitely wasn’t 1,000.

Well have a good day everyone!!


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