Soooo, I didn’t do any writing last night. Which may sound like I had abandoned my goal of 1,000 words every day within the first 24 hours, but I was very tired, and went to bed really early (and subsequently started waking up at 5 in the morning until I told my body to shut and go back to sleep). But, I did write tonight. I wrote 1,149 words. It doesn’t completely make up for missing yesterday, but work makes me tired and I need to stop her so I can sleep and think with a clearer head tomorrow. I’ve hit another point where I know what I want to say, I just need to figure out how to say it so that it makes sense to more people than just me. So I still wrote, just not enough, but that’s okay.

On another note, the week after this next one, I was only scheduled 14 hours. FOURTEEN FREAKING HOURS. Hello boss lady! I have a two year old to support! Thank you so much! Getting awfully tired of her crap, and so I’m going to apply for another job. Especially since I work for them every time they ask me to (unless I’m already working), and right now I just finished day two in a nine day work streak. However, the 14 hours will give me a lot of time to write, so maybe I’ll find that longed for silver lining. Here’s to hoping.

Chapter Six is almost done though. I think another two pages should finish it off. And then I get to start Chapter Seven! I’m excited for seven. There was virtually NO excitement (by excitement I mean killing) in Five and Six, and Chapter Seven has some 🙂 Chapter Seven is going to be really exciting. For the most part, Chapter Six will be the last ‘boring’ chapter for me. Some of the other chapters will have slower moments, but Chapter Seven starts things rolling, so I’m excited for it. My little goal for tomorrow night is to do some laundry, finish six, and start seven. Sounds attainable.

Well, goodnight everyone. (Pretty sure I need to start blogging during the day, who’s even up this late apart from my boyfriend and I?)


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