I’m over 20,000!!

I have surpassed my quarter mark of 5 chapters/ 20,000 words mark! Bugs is up to 20,210 words and The Intruder is up to 3,176 words. I don’t really have a word goal for The Intruder, but I would like it to be at least 20,000. Either way, I’ve only just scratched the surface of the plot. Here’s the description:

When Cara came home from her week long vacation high in the mountains with her mom, she didn’t expect to find the small town’s newspapers flooded with stories of a third victim from the Hatcher. The FBI arrives as headless bodies pile up and everyone in Moosefoot is considered suspicious. From the few felons in the area to Cara’s boyfriend, everyone is questioned. Then when another headless girl is found in her backyard with her boyfriend’s dogtags, her whole life begins to unravel. After hours of FBI questioning, Cara begins to believe that they are right, her boyfriend must be the murderer. When she confronts him about the murders, will the FBI be right? Or is there someone else out there who’s been watching her every move and murdering innocent girls?

***This short story contains graphic sex, murder, and language. Not recommended for people who don’t handle those things well. And DEFINITELY not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.***

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