Rethinking Things

This morning I woke up, still feeling pretty successful. Last night I had written just under 8,000 in Bugs, which accounted for two whole chapters. I pulled up all my documents and folders that I use to write my book and I started to go over my outline.

I’m starting to feel that the story is weak. It doesn’t seem like it really fits the bill for horror. And I’m not even sure how to fix it. So after doing all that writing yesterday, I find myself today wanting to change the entire story after Chapter Four (which is as far as I’ve gotten).

I thought writer’s block was hard. At least I knew then what it was I needed to write about. Now I have no clue.

Or maybe my outline is fine, And I’m just getting worried because no one died in the last two chapters.

I’m going to keep on writing my outline and see what happens. Maybe change Chapters 5 and 6 a little bit to make me feel better. We’ll see!


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