To Be Superstitious or To Not Be?

We recently moved in with some friends of my boyfriend’s. It’s set back in the ‘country side’ of Washington State. Well, it’s the most country I’ve seen since I’ve gotten here but I guess there are parts that are even more country. There. I want to move there. I hate the city life. But anyways, we moved to the ‘country’ and now live in a small park. About a three minute’s walk will take us to the Puget Sound. We live right next to this Restaurant/Bar/Cabin Motel place (it’s actually quite cute). We even have a little clothing and wine boutique along the sound. It’s a cute little area, but not where I want to settle settle down. We moved into the ‘master suite’ in this house because we have a toddler. But only after being told about the mirror right across the bedroom door.

Apparently, a previous tenant was caught practicing some black magic and attempting to recall someone or something from wherever it is through the mirror. The mirror sits above the sink right outside the attached bathroom. Well, when his friends moved in, they turned that mirror around to trap whoever/whatever was going to come through it and we’ve been instructed to not even touch the mirror at all. This kind of creates a problem for me. I need a mirror to do my hair, makeup, and I am one of those people who watches themselves brush their teeth. I can’t just put up another mirror either because I guess this… thing…. can jump from mirror to mirror.


I know virtually nothing about black magic, the practices, or even demons. I have to do deep research on demons for a book that’s been in progress for a couple years so I will get to at least understand that part. But the superstitious part I’m having a problem with is if I should ever write a book about that situation, except the demon or whatever actually comes through mirror. Like make it some sort of feral zombie demon that haunts the tenants.

I have about a dozen different ways I could tell a story out of this damned mirror but I don’t know if I should.

The reason I find writing horror easy is because I’m easily scared. I don’t firmly believe in ghosts or anything like that, but there’s enough of my brain that refuses to completely discredit all of it, thus making me paranoid if I see a darker-than-normal shadow or if the hairs on the back of my neck suddenly stand up for no apparent reason.

Part of me doesn’t want to write about it at all and another part is screaming that this would make a great book! Either way, it stays on the maybe shelf until we at the very least move out. What would you do?


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