So… it’s been a month. Sorry about that! But since then, I’ve moved, still kind of trying to settle down, and I’ve written quite a bit of Bugs. The first chapter is completely done (until editing anyways), and the second is nearly finished. I had some writer’s block that was actually really making me mad. It’s amazing how quickly it clears up sometimes. I’m almost always thinking about my book, trying to come up with small plot points, figure out what to say next, that sort of thing. But the last time I defeated the block, it felt like I hadn’t thought about it at all, it came that fast.

I do kind of feel like I need to clarify my writer’s block. It’s not a moment for me where I just don’t want to write or I’m too lazy or anything. I really truly honestly can not think of anything to say. In my book, I have to put my brain in the mindset of horror. There are parts of the story that aren’t necessarily gory or gruesome, and those parts aren’t as hard. But the rest can be sometimes. This last time, I was trying to figure out the perfect way for a side character to die. She deserved what she got. It was just a little harder for me to reach that point, but it’s perfect. I couldn’t have thought of anything better.

So that’s why I get writer’s block.

I’m also going to try to finish up the whole thing by the end of August, which includes all 80,000 of my word goal but no final editing. Most of me think that this is unrealistic and is attempting to urge the rest of me to make it the end of September, which is a little more reasonable. As of right now, if I were to aim for the end of August, excluding everything I’ve written already (I’m having technical problems with my computer, so I’m using my boyfriend’s and his doesn’t have any word programs), I need to write 3,000 words a day, 1,500 if I aim for the end of Sep. For those of you who don’t write, that might sound like nothing, but trust me, some days it’s an easy goal to surpass, and other days, it’s more like a jail sentence. Either way, I need to buckle down and work work work. Honestly, I’d quit my job and write all day if my daughter didn’t need to eat or be clothed. I knew kids were expensive, but my god. They look at you with their big beautiful innocent eyes and say please and the whole ‘I don’t have money fore that’ thing just flies out of the store’s imaginary window.

But the word program is done downloading now, so I will blog later!


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