Bugs Progress

Woot woot! I now have access back to my book.

The total word count so far: 10,565

Chapter One: 3,421

Chapter Two: 3,799

Chapter Three: 2,300

Chapter Four: 1,045

Chapter four is still a work in progress, chapter three still needs to go through it’s second rough draft, chapter one is done, and chapter two is almost done. The reason I’m doing a second rough draft on the first three chapters is because while I was writing the fourth chapter and doing the remaining parts of my outline, I realized that my chapters didn’t hold enough words and they lacked the essential element of horror stories, gore. I needed to show the ‘evil’ parts of the story, and the first draft didn’t accommodate that. When I figured out how I wanted to start that, I had to go back and do a complete second draft on the first three chapters because it changed the story and I needed the details that I would write about for the remainder of the book. That is why it looks like I haven’t accomplished much in the past few months. Once I’m done with the second draft on chapter three, the rest should flow rather quickly.


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