Freaky Friday 2

I suddenly ran out of week last night. But do not despair, I do have a horror scene. Due to my running out of week, this Freaky Friday, I will be giving you a scene from Bugs. I just wrote it last night so it is first rough draft quality. But in the words of my boyfriend, it’s f*cked up. Enjoy!


Ryan sat slumped in the flea ridden armchair in his apartment. His friends had long passed out, unable to prevent the cheap hooker from stealing their small valuable possessions. He moved his eyes around the room; he had never felt this high before, he actually felt like he was losing grip.

As the room began to swim, he thought he saw a dark shadow of a woman appear through the window. He strained to focus his eyes, holding the sides of his head in vain, trying to steady the room. His vision cleared enough for him to let out an expletive.

Lily looked at him, hatred radiating from her body. He had taken everything from her. Her body, her mind, her health, her baby, and her life. She was going to take as much back as possible.

Her flashing black eyes penetrated his as she slowly crept to him, purposely statically moving forward to make her movements unpredictable. She watched in satisfaction as he groggily attempted to get away from her, falling out of his chair in the process.

Ryan couldn’t believe his eyes. He must be having a nightmare. As he scooted backwards on the floor in a feeble attempt to get away, the lights in the apartment suddenly went out. Panting heavily, he felt his heart jump out of his chest, his eyes bulging, looking all around him in the darkness, trying to find out what was going on.

He cautiously stood up, his arms spread out around him. He had just gotten to a standing position and was looking around him when the lights came back blazing. He quickly did a full turn, looking for the monster. He couldn’t find her, but noticed that the door was behind him. He took a step back and fell flat on his back. Sitting up on his elbow, Ryan noticed what he had tripped over.

His roommate Tony lay on the floor, his face was covered in blood. His jaw had been ripped apart and lay loose on the red floor. His eyes had been ripped out, one still attached by the thin strand of nerves sitting almost a foot away from his face. His arms and legs were twisted in odd angles, and his stomach had been split open, his organs falling out.

Ryan stared in horror, unable to make a sound or move a muscle. He jumped as a part of Tony’s small intestine fell to the floor with a squelch.

Once again, the lights went out. Ryan didn’t bother to move at all, afraid of what was to happen next. He waited with bated breath, hoping against all hope that this was just a drug induced nightmare and that he would wake up in the hospital with his stomach freshly pumped for a new day.

He was sadly mistaken.

The lights burst back on, temporarily blinded Ryan once again. He slowly looked around him, immediately noting that his other roommate Erick was no longer splayed on the couch. After looking all around him, not finding anything, he slowly rose to his feet, the hairs on the back of his neck raised.

He stood there for a second, listening, until he heard a soft creak coming from the kitchen. Fear enveloped him as he followed the sound. Upon entering the kitchen, he was greeted with the site of what remained of Erick.

Erick’s left hand had been cut off, made into a fist, and was now shoved in his mouth. His lips had been unnaturally extended with a knife, connecting a strong resemblance to the joker. His head had been scalped, the skin holding his hair dangling by an inch of skin just above the nape of his neck. His feet were missing all of his toes, each laying on the floor right below his feet. His whole body was held up with a rope that was wrapped around his neck and he was slowly swinging around in a menacing circle.

Unable to keep the horror in any longer, Ryan let out a high pitched scream, no doubt startling the other drugged inhabitants of the building awake. He turned to run out of the apartment only to find the monster in his face.

Lily grabbed him by the neck, cutting off his sound of alarm, instantly turning his skin blue. She opened up her mouth wide, letting out a mirthless laugh as the light bulbs in the whole apartment blew out.

In the darkness, Ryan screamed out again for the last time, followed by sounds of tearing flesh, breaking bones, and the steady sound of dripping blood.


I hope that was essential in kick starting your Friday! Have a good weekend everyone!


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