Blue Beard, Bugs, and other works

I’m starting to see a lagging trend in my blogging. But onto today’s post!

I recently reread the fairy tale of Blue Beard. (If you’ve never read it, here’s a link to the best version of the story) I’m still quite surprised it’s a child’s story, it’s not all sunshine and flowers. But as I was reading it, it dawned on me that I could easily turn it into a sick, twisted horror story. I’ve spent the last few days throwing the idea around and writing down a summary for it. I’ve also thought that it would be fun and easy to turn it into a series. But that will all have to wait.

Have you been wondering exactly what I’ve been working on? Well, I’ve opened up all the files of the different stories I’ve been writing over the past year, and I’ve looked at their stats.


I’ve been working on this one for two, maybe three months. It started out as a small short story and quickly evolved into at least a novella. I keep having problems with writer’s block with it, and am slightly considering putting it down for a couple weeks to let my brain ‘heal’ from the constant thoughts on what to write next. I love the story though, so hopefully I won’t take too long to write it.

Word count for Bugs: 5,599 (goal is for between 40,000 and 80,000)

Chapters: 3.75

Love, Mommy

Remember when I said that I write romance too? Well this one I started working on last spring/summer and I haven’t touched it since November. It’s about this recently divorced young woman who has just suffered the lose of her Mother. She was really close to her Mom, but closer to her Dad who has Alzheimer’s and has to be in a nursing home where trained nurses can effectively deal with his small violent outbreaks. While she’s nursing her broken heart and wounded pride, she meets and quickly falls in love with a single dad. They quickly fall for each other, but their fresh, painful pasts are standing in the way of unbridled happiness. Added to that, her new love has an Autistic son, and he’s deathly afraid she will abandon them both just like his ex wife had. I love this story just as much as Bugs, if not more. The book starts off with a journal entry her mom had written for her the day she found out she was pregnant (this journal was specifically written to the heroine from her mom throughout her life starting with her pregnancy).

Word count for Love, Mommy: 20,734 (goal is between 60,000 and 100,000 words)

Chapters: 4.25

Short Story (untitled romance)

I can’t remember exactly when I started this one, but I believe it was sometime this past winter. It’s about this guy who returns to his hometown just to visit (or so he attempts to tell himself) after he breaks up with a crazy lady. He runs into the girl he grew up next door to and meets her daughter. His mom sees their interaction and immediately forms a plan to get them married (she’s views it as perfect, the heroine needs a man in her and her daughter’s life and he needs a woman to love when she’s gone). They fall for each other, but both face difficulties with being in love again. This is a cute little love story.

Word count for Short Story: 4,744 (goal is around 20,000 words)

Chapters: 5 complete, part of Chapter 8, and a little bit of the epilogue (I do outlines which make this crazy mess possible)

Vampire Book

This one has sort of, kind of, been in the works for about two or three years. It was actually a dream I had. And these vampires are different than the vampires most people think of, especially Stephanie Meyer’s vamps. These vampires are created by Satan, essentially. He walked on earth, disguised as a pharmacist and injected most over the counter and prescription drugs with a gene mutating disease. This disease quickly turns the patient into this zombie-like vampire. They’re pretty grotesque. I don’t really like zombies, but in this case, these vampires sort of resemble them, at least at first. Anyways, the heroine is infected with the disease, but is saved by the grace of God and is sent on a mission to find a cure. She battles with doubt, lack of self confidence, and the never ending battle in her brain between the disease and all that’s good. Its a mixture of Christianity, science, and myths. It’s a work in progress. Also, this is a series.

Word count for Vampire Book: 0 (the only parts I have that are written are hand written and not on my computer, but goal is between 80,000 and 120,000 words per book)

Chapters: 0

Obviously I have some work to do, especially when you compare them all with what I have accomplished with Love, Mommy (it really only took me about two months to write those 20,000 words).

Please not that anything I ever post related to story ideas, book synopsis, characters, plots, summaries, etc., are all my work and are copyrighted  Do not distribute with giving me the credit for the work. I do allow you to share with friends and strangers, as long as you do not pretend that it is your work or ideas, and fairly name me as the creator of above pieces of writing. 


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