Freaky Friday!

Who’s ready for my first ever Freaky Friday! (Don’t worry, nobody switches bodies with a family member). I know I am! 

I originally wrote this when I was in either eighth or ninth grade, I can’t completely remember. But I spent a good portion of last night and about an hour this morning rewriting it so that it was, well, good. Okay, at least better. I always had good marks for my writing when I was in high school, but now I can’t exactly figure out why. 

Well here it goes, I hope you enjoy it and have a good weekend!


It was still dark and raining when we reached the mansion. It was massive, but loomed over us with it’s stone facade and dark windows. We had just traveled a great distance, from North Carolina to Wisconsin, and we were all very tired. I stepped inside the tiny house and looked around at my friends, each one of use looking distressed and distraught. Every once in a while you could hear a sniffle, not from the rain that soaked through our clothes and our skin, making us shiver and sneeze for the past three hours, but from the sadness that had come upon us during the last week. We all had our heads down, except for Jack. He didn’t look cheerful, but not sad. I was quickly becoming angry with him. Why didn’t he feel just as sad as we do, he knew him as well.

We’re only staying here for a few days, while I pick someone up. Then we’ll leave.” Jack said to us all, as we set down our bags and started eating the food on the table that was set for us, it had been quite a few hours since we last ate. We all gravely nodded to his statement, every head silently bowed over the plates of food.

I will be gone very early in the morning. I’m going to be gone for a few days and we’ll all set out together the morning after I get back. So before I leave you tomorrow, I will leave instructions on how to get by for those few days. Okay?” He took our silence as an okay and said no more.

Not one person spoke during the hour and a half that we sat there in silence, dutifully eating the steaming hot food on our plates. The grief filled the air in varying degrees, ranging from silent tears to bodies being racked with sobs. Joanne had given up eating, the sight of his mangled body was too much for her to bear.

Lets all go to bed. Its nearly midnight.” Jack said finally, looking at his watch and at everyone else. He stood up and we all followed him.

The mansion Jack had inherited from his parents was large enough for all twelve of us, plus Jack, to have our own rooms. My room was last one at the end of the hall. I stumbled inside, careful not let the candle wax spill from the candle holder to the floor. I placed the candle on the night stand, and fell on the bed, not bothering to remove my travel cloak. It had been a long and exhausting week, and I quickly fell into a deep sleep.

I awoke just a couple hours later, the room shrouded in complete darkness, from a small night tremor. Unable to recall what it was about, I walked over to the water pitcher, and poured myself a glass to wet my tongue and calm my heart. Almost instantly I began to feel dizzy. I attempted to get back to my bed, but my unfocused eyes and trembling knees caused me to trip over the hem of my skirt just a few feet short, knocking my head on the bed post.

Brightly colored streaks streamed through my mind, stars erupted like fireworks behind my eyelids, and the distant sounds of heavy objects falling to the floor and scuffling shook the floorboards of my bedroom. Unable to make sense of anything, or even move a finger, I blacked out and felt my mind fall into an abyss.

I opened my eyes as a cold breeze tickled my freezing nose. I sat up and looked around me, feeling cobbled stone beneath my hands. I stood up, took a few steps to my left until I was against the building, and headed towards the alleyways exit. Cautiously peering around the corner, I only saw the dark, empty street filled with lifeless buildings and dimmed streetlights. Deciding that it was safe, I walked down the cobbled street, dead autumn leaves swirled around me, my heels clicking loudly in the lifeless air of the night. Not knowing where I was, though knowing exactly where I was going, I started down a side street that housed a small sign stating that it was Maple St., unaware of what I was doing. I walked briskly down the street for a few moments when I heard a bloodcurdling scream through the night, stopping me dead in my tracks, a cold icy shiver running down my back. I turned around, hoping to see the owner of the scream, but not seeing anything. I stared at an old shabby gray cat that was looking for food in trash cans, disturbed that the cat hadn’t even looked up at the unusual sound. I shook it out of my mind and continued walking down the street, but with a little hint of fear hanging about me.

Suddenly more screams rang through the air, making me jump. I stood there for a moment, hesitating, deciding whether I should run and call for help or ignore it again. I hesitantly began to make my way down the road, deciding that I was not going to give in, and heard horse hoofs in the still air behind me, overpowering my clicks on the cobblestone. I spun around, and saw a strange creature riding atop an evil looking horse, coming my way. I ran into the nearest alley, fear spreading throughout my body. I looked frantically around me, searching for a place to hide. Seeing an old pile of shipping boxes piled against the wall of a fishery, I frantically hid off to the side of them. 

I waited, my breath caught in my chest. The sounds of the hoofs drew nearer and I knew that I had been seen coming into the alley. Yet I still waited there, the echoes becoming louder and louder as he drew nearer. The sounds of the hoofs stopped just outside the alley, and I heard him dismount his horse. I jumped out, not wanting to give him a good shot at my stomach and killing me. He was taken aback at the sudden movement, but quickly overcame it. He was a creature that was neither dead nor alive. He wore a cloak that covered his whole body, gloves that covered his hands, and a decayed stench that hung in the air all around him; giving away his location. Both gloves and cloak were black; the cloak however was whipping in the wind, though there was none. One of his gloved hands was holding a dented bloody sword that was shining in the moonlight.

He slowly started towards me and a fear grew in me, spilling out and overcoming me. I ran as fast as I could away from him, knowing that it was useless. I came to the opposite end of the alley and stepped out onto another cobblestone road, the leaves rustling in the newly arrived wind. Not knowing where else to run to, I ran to the park, hoping to get away from the creature. I ran for a while longer until I could no longer hear the sounds of his footprints or smell the stench of his decaying body. I sat down on a bench and breathed heavily.

Once I had made sure I was alone and alert, I started back to the house. Pulling my cloak so that all of me was covered, I slowly walked down the path, looking about me as I went. The trees on either side of the park were tall, lean and leaf-less, they crowded together and made an eerie sound in the wind. Ten minutes passed and I still wasn’t out of the park, I was lost. But I kept going, the fear reborn inside of me, stronger this time.

I stopped all of a sudden, as a feeling of impending doom overcame me, and I turned around. There he was, not far behind me. I turned around and ran as fast as I could deeper down into the path. I came to the edge of the forest, a clearing just ahead of me. I darted across the clearing as fast as I could, keeping my eyes focused on my surroundings. Just as I reached the other side, something caught my eye. I turned my head to the right and forced myself to stifle my scream. There in front of me were all my friends, hanging in grotesque angles, from a large trees branches. Even from this distance I could see that their eyes had been carved out, revealing bloody empty holes. Most of their mouths have ripped apart causing the lower jaws to dangle and sway in the wind. Every one of them had their clothing ripped from their body, but not a single inch of their flesh wasn’t covered in lacerations, bruises, and congealed blood.

I back away from the tree, too frightened to scream, too shocked to run. I felt a cold skeletal hand push heavily onto my shoulder, forcing me to turn around.

The creature had taken his hood off and I could see what was under it. Where there were supposed to be normal facial features, there wasn’t. Skin, muscle, and blood were dangling from the skeleton of the monster, his eyes and nose were both missing, and his lips were dry and bled as he smiled wickedly at me. He raised his blood drenched sword high above his head, all the while still holding onto my shoulder. I closed my eyes and waited for my blood to taste the flavor of a steel sword as a slash in the night air rang out as the sword fell down upon me.

Just as the cold death touched my neck, my eyes erupted with fireworks and bright colors flashed in my mind as the night went silent once more.

Confusion and sickness claimed most of my thoughts as I hesitated on whether or not I should open my eyes to meet my predator or keep them closed and await my death. I forced myself to be brave and open my eyes to only find myself huddled in a tree. I climbed out and stepped into the newly fallen snow, feeling more confused than I had ever been in my entire life. I stood there for a moment, trying to figure out why I was there, I couldn’t remember anything after seeing the sword swing down on me.

I spared myself a few moments to regain my wits and to take in my surroundings. During those few moments, I heard the silent drop of liquid. A sudden searing pain spread through my left arm and I looked down at it. My cloak was covered in something wet and sticky, but because it was black, I wasn’t able to immediately see what it was. I tore it off as fear permeated my being. I could feel him drawing nearer, could hear his soft laughter. Scared of what I was about to see, I looked down to see that my arm was covered in blood. A very deep cut about a foot and a half long was slowly growing bigger.

Suddenly it all came to me in a big rush. I snapped my head up, my heart beating at an abnormal rate, my breath quickly growing stronger and faster. I remember feeling his hand leave my shoulder and I squinted through my eyelids to find him shaking on the ground in pain. Feeling completely shocked, I had looked away from his body to see the dead, naked Joann standing beside him, her hands glowing with a red ball of fire.

Go! Run Mary!” Her voice scratched out the warning, a sense of immense power behind the tone. I began to run into the woods, twigs scraping my face, fear escaping my lips, until I leaned against a tree, retching everything my stomach held. I then crawled into the hole of the large tree and fell asleep.

I snapped out of my reverie as fear spread throughout my body, the hairs on the back of my neck standing right up. I could smell him in the air, the fear growing more. Without looking, I ran as fast as I could away from the smell. I ran for as long as I could, until I could no longer smell him.

I paused for a moment, leaning against the tall dead oak tree next to me, trying to catch my breath. I started walking, regaining my strength and the pain that burned my arm. Ten minutes went by and just when I thought I was safe, he was right behind me, and I could no longer breath. My palms were sweating, and I suddenly felt very cold and very alone.

Not wanting to turn around, but feeling that I should, I slowly spun around to look at him. He smiled at me, his rotting teeth had maggots squirming in them, his breath fouler than death itself. Before anything could happen, I screamed, my hands shooting up to my face, clawing at my cheeks, blood dripping into the crevices in my hands, my knees shaking, and my legs giving way to fear and dumbness. Looking at his face clearly made me realize who he was. Jack was the murderer. Why didn’t I know? How could I not see? He raised his sword once more and all went blinding white, hearing the sound of flesh tearing for a split second before all was gone.

I opened my eyes, covered in my own sweat, my blankets wrapped around me, binding me like a straightjacket. I tried to untangle myself, but effortlessly fell on the floor. Making a loud thud that I soon regretted, Jack hurried into my room, he was sweating as well. Helping me out of the trap, I scrambled away from him, backing myself against the wall. I took a good look at him, staring for the longest time at his clothes.

Jack, what’s that on your clothes?” I asked him, my breath quickening as he looked down at his clothes.

Oh, that? Blood splatter. Why?” He replied, looking up at me, a malicious smile on his face. “What’s wrong sweetheart?”

I screamed.  


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