Come Find Me


Jennifer’s sister, Rachel, has inherited their Aunt’s house. Jennifer hates the house, she’s convinced it’s haunted, but Rachel thinks differently. Rachel doesn’t live in fear of things in shadows like her sister does and decides to move into the house… and never comes back. Jennifer, worried about her sister, goes looking for her at the house. Will she come back?

Come Find Me is my very first published short story. No, it’s not very long. Even kind of short for a short story (in my opinion). But I have a published story and that makes me happy.

I originally wrote it during my senior year in high school, around the beginning of 2007. I dug it back out, revamped it, slapped on a picture, and published it.

While it’s not my greatest bit of writing, I’m still very proud of it.

It’s available for download in many places and it’s FREE! I like the idea of free stuff, don’t you? I plan on doing a few more things and make them free, but not everything will be free. I would like to live off of my writing someday.

Barnes and Noble:


You can also download it from any device in Google play and the iTunes store (I believe). I don’t own any Apple products so if anyone downloads it on their iPhone, just let me know it works. I really hope it does.


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